~YES !!! Registration is absolutely free on the site. You also win one point for upload of every single video . the points are added to you account after admin approval of the video.
~ When you hit 100 points you can directly withdraw them to your crypto wallet. A minimal of 100 points is needed for the withdraw
~Yes for sure ! Share your affiliate link and when some one registers with your link and upload a video , you get 3 points per video uploaded .
~Yes. Only one account per user is allowed. If we detect two accounts registered with the same IP , Then there will be a permanent life time termination on the website. You would also loose all the collected points on you IDS . You will be permanently banned from upload or withdrawal on the website.
~Any , Videos can be uploaded in any format .mov or .mp4 but need be of good quality. Videos with watermark will be rejected by admin immediately. .
~Yes of course, just contact our support and we will get back to you within 48 hours.